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As the name suggests titles under ‘For the Absolute’ are for explaining what it means to explain and understand something to do progress, and naturally with that comes the explanation of what is nonsense while understanding what it means to be delusional and then showing retardness.

Titles under this series will help you to clear your fundamentals, enhance your knowledge and apply your knowledge so that you can be clear about what it means to have absolute, what is necessary for progress, and where you stand right now while considering the progress.

Are you ready to explore the quintessential books for understanding the meaning of absolute?

Titles In The Series

Only Thoughts - Philosophy of Everything

Philosophy is the first academic subject that was responsible for very profound progress but also retardness, especially today....

Connectivity- Theory of Everything

Math as language ended almost a century ago because it is just a language with orders which it may not follow always hence...

Solution of All prior Unsolved Paradoxes

Paradoxes are considered the fundamentals of philosophy and are also considered the fundament problem of philosophy.....

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