Connectivity - Theory of Everything

Math as language ended almost a century ago because it is just a language with orders which it may not follow always hence not always exactly absolute, but language is there to refer to things which mathematics did quite well to provide the best accountability possible and formed systems to refer to everything to do progress. Just like math ‘Theoretical Physics’ also almost got ended almost a century ago as it is there to refer to things and create things – progressive theories like the theory of gravity, electromagnetism, and thermodynamics all of which did quite well, and managed to refer to and create almost everything. There are no doubt theories like that were not 100% absolute and this book points out why so many so-called fundamental things were not absolute and how they contradict.

This book also explains “Connectivity – Theory of Everything” which is a quite simple theory that has its laws, but it is only one concept with the only one formula to explain everything and every motion, and doesn’t use the prior physics so-called fundamentals like energy, mass, constants, etc. Connectivity is not some mathematical something which doesn’t refer to anything and I am very well aware of the nonsense people have created on the name TOE. This is just the final part to complete almost completed theoretical physics (in terms of reference) and to make sure that people understand what 100% absolute means and what is nonsense, though prior read of my 1st book “Only Thought – Philosophy of Everything” can be necessary for that. If you are a fan of popular science and especially non-progressive but crazy retarding surface theories like relativity or some quantum theory then defiantly this book is not for you as it is written to rip them apart.

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