Only Thoughts - Philosophy of Everything

Philosophy is the first academic subject that was responsible for very profound progress but also retardness, especially today. If you ever read different philosophies, you must be very well aware of the contradiction of different kind or types of philosophy imposes. Philosophy without a doubt lead us to science i.e., a subject that always leads to progress and is dedicated to creating absolute, contradiction-free knowledge. But still despite the existence of science people are not clear about what part of philosophy was absolute, what are the necessities, what exactly overall philosophy means, and what is the subject of everything – is it philosophy?

That’s why I have written this book to clear those things and end philosophy once and for all. This book is meant to clear the bases of everything and also to eradicate the base of things that retard progress. This book is the 1st book written by mean which creates the base for every subject so that I can write the 2nd book “Connectivity – Theory of Everything” and the 3rd book “Solution of All Prior Unsolved Paradoxes”

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Titles In The Series

Connectivity- Theory of Everything

Math as language ended almost a century ago because it is just a language with orders which it may not follow always hence...

Solution of All prior Unsolved Paradoxes

Paradoxes are considered the fundamentals of philosophy and are also considered the fundament problem of philosophy.....