Solution of All Prior Unsolved Paradoxes

Paradoxes are considered as the fundamentals of philosophy and are also considered as the fundament problem of philosophy. The continuation of different philosophies over many years has left us with many unsolved paradoxes but paradoxes are not only common in philosophy but are also common in science and mathematics. It is considered that solving paradox reduces the retardness and illogical mentality of people. Many paradoxes have been solved before, many were just allegedly solved, many were just left unsolved and even the solved ones don’t have one coherent system behind them.

That’s why this book solves all the prior unsolved paradoxes with only one coherent system which is also applicable for the solution of any paradox in the future. While solving paradoxes I also eradicated many myths about science and progress. Even though many solutions can be understood directly but for understanding this book’s system of solutions, knowledge of my 1st book “Only Thoughts- Philosophy of Everything”, and especially the 2nd book “Connectivity – Theory of Everything” is necessary.

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Titles In The Series

Only Thoughts - Philosophy of Everything

Philosophy is the first academic subject that was responsible for very profound progress but also retardness, especially today....

Connectivity- Theory of Everything

Math as language ended almost a century ago because it is just a language with orders which it may not follow always hence...