Sujal Sahu

The Author

Sujal Sahu (S.S) always had a straightforward and no-nonsense approach which is apparent from his work whether in the form of books or something else. From 2018 to 2023 Sujal Sahu has written 3 quintessential books for the understanding of the absolute which are now published simultaneously for the best understanding possible. The centrepiece of all of his work is his 2nd book “Connectivity – Theory of Everything” which is a significant milestone in physics for the understanding of the absolute.

People who already know Sujal whether professionally or personally are well aware of the fact that he always likes to maintain his privacy and solitude that’s why unlike most young people he doesn’t use any social media app, but that no way means that he is not interested in knowing useful questions, doubts or queries which may other scientists (especially physicists) will not able to consider, so if you got any questions, doubts or queries just send it right now to Sujal’s email if it is detailed or on goodreads if it is brief (if deemed potential it will be selected and Sujal will reply as soon as possible).